Brian R. Graham, DC

Brian R. Graham, DC

Chiropractor in Seattle, Washington

About the Chiropractor

Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center was established in 1992 in downtown Seattle. Initially a chiropractic and massage clinic, our vision grew into a fully integrated holistic multidisciplinary health center. We offer a variety of drug and surgery free treatment options for patients with musculoskeletal conditions and for those with general health concerns. Graham Rehabilitation merges modern chiropractic care with physical medicine, exercise therapy, primary naturopathic care, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, deep tissue massage and patient education classes. At Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness, our doctors work closely together to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of conditions including: neck pain, back pain, disc herniation, musculoskeletal pain, TMJ, headaches, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee, ankle and foot pain and nearly all sports related injuries. Chronic or acute, our team is capable to accurately assess the cause of your pain and offer solutions. Looking for a primary doctor for physicals, female healthcare or pediatrics? Our primary care naturopathic physician takes the time to learn about your health concerns and will offer natural solutions. Our primary doctor can also manage your prescription medications and offer safer alternatives.

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Brian R. Graham, DC
1215 4th Ave #1000, Seattle, WA 98161, United States

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