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Movement based Medicine for the Whole Family

Our system is well defined and simple. We teach you why you are in pain to begin with then we show you how to change it. We then help that change by treating muscles and adjusting joints.
We also provide treatment to animals both in and out of the clinic. Alternative care for animals is emerging as an uncommon but highly effective approach to healthcare for your furry friends. Their response is generally far quicker than people. We are always critical of our own work, but we have yet to see a case where alternative care does not provide improvement or relief.
Just as humans do, animals put their bodies through stress each and every day, which in turn can lead to many imbalances and compensation patterns in the body. No matter what age or performance level your four-legged companion is currently at, every animal can benefit from chiropractic and movement therapy. Keeping in line with the clinic’s belief system of functional movement being a key component to health and improved quality of life, we apply this to every animal patient that walks or trots in the door. Our biggest goals are to improve your animal’s quality of life and to educate you, as the owner, on maximizing your pet’s health and performance.

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