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Dr. Bret MacDermott has been a Board Certified Diplomat for 36 years, mastering all major and modern techniques. He has been a contributing member of the Washington State Spinal Institute (a multi-discipline medial advanced research team comprised of Neurologists, Radiologists, Orthopaedics’s, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors). As a member of Shorewood Hospital he sat on the board of quality control providing expertise to all fields of medicine in regards to chiropractic teamwork within the facility. Dr. MacDermott has worked with celebrity sports players from the NFL, NBA, PGA, as well as actors from the American Actors Guild. As an Expert Witness, Dr. MacDermott has been published in Legal and Chiropractic Journals sharing his knowledge in the area of soft tissue, whiplash injures. His medical expertise has been instrumental in case resolutions for the benefit of the patients.

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Orlando Resorts Chiropractic Medispa
2940 Mallory Cir #205 Celebration, FL 34747

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